Proposal: Policy Regarding Health Care

Those who are between the ages of 20 and 60 years old should be charged 80% of their medical treatment costs.

Let me clarify the position of our clinic.

We have to create a world without any medical doctors.

I propose this policy not to capture your attention but to achieve your real goal.

In other words, I propose this policy as a token of my resolution.

Can you imagine what a world without doctors would be like?

I believe we can make this dream a reality because diseases during these ages can be prevented.

If you get a disease, you should be considered responsible for that condition.

Even if you don’t agree with this, it is true that the Japanese medical system is on the verge of ruin.

Simply because of the financial crisis, the government has raised medical costs.

I think this is a simplistic and unintelligent way of thinking.

Furthermore, I cannot find love in it.

In today’s medical system, elderly patients who have no money and no one to depend on have no way to receive medical services.

One elderly patient asked me to prescribe a medicine for twenty days, instead of the thirty-day period that is usually prescribed.

The reason is that she had no money for medical services.

Such a tragedy, isn’t it?

This is what I always feel in my daily medical practice.

This elderly woman deserves full treatment, since she has contributed much to our society.

However, harsh economic realities don’t allow her to spend the rest of her life in peace.

On the other hand, the people who have lifestyle-related diseases should feel an impending crisis.

I believe my proposal is very philanthropic.

This is because the people who are enjoying their lives are definitely healthy, so that they will be able to strive and hang in there until the end.

Why are people who are obsessed with routine apt to forget this?

The state of good health is not a gift but the result of your efforts.

You have to go get it without waiting for help from others.

In other words, you can capture good health with good health.

Have you ever seen anyone whose physical condition is well-balanced looking unhappy?

I haven’t.

Be healthy and then you’ll be happy.

This is my message from my heart, for you who are snowed under with routine jobs.

I would like to remind you of what is important.

I do not wish to say anything superficial, or rather, I want to say only what is real.

I’m ready to complete my mission.

I suggest that the government implement a new medical system, that is, a program under which those who are between the ages of 20 and 60 are charged 80% of their medical treatment costs.

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